Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait

We’ve spent the last month in a slip at Bluewater Yachting Center, Hampton, Virginia. This is the headquarters for the start of the Salty Dawg Rally to the British Virgin Islands. The rally was scheduled to leave Monday Nov 4th. Looks like with weather we will get out of here on Wed. More on weather latter.
Last night was one of the many cruiser get-togethers for the rally. We invested $20 in raffle tickets. I was totally focused on winning the inflatable Stand Up Paddle board (aka the SUP). But no, my ex-friends Ed and Elizabeth on Skylark forged their raffle ticket and won the SUP. Me, I got this foam plug above, along with some off color comments from the noisy peanut gallery.
hamptonIMG_3459 We spent the month here mainly working on boat projects. For some reason Chris wanted me to organize the man-cave.
hamptonIMG_3456 Of course her sewing projects didn’t look much neater.
hamptonIMG_3445 I pulled out the last two Newfound Metals ports to rebed. These things were never installed properly and were re-installed by the previous owner even worse.
hamptonIMG_3437 Pulled a few of the chain plate bolts to check them – all clear and shiny.
hamptonIMG_3454 We loaded up on additional solar. Replaced the  90 watt panels on the arch with two 158 watt panels. Then bought direct from a little guy in China two 100 watt flexible thin panels (2 panels with shipping under $500, way cheaper than the high end flex panels that are for sale here). These are high efficiency cells and weigh about nothing.  They are covered by a 90-day or 90 feet warranty– whichever comes first.
Back to watching weather and putting stuff (aka crap) away – or is it aweigh?

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