Monday, November 25, 2013

Putting in Some BVI Time

Liming: socializing; hanging out; just being in a group. How any Caribbean aspires to spend their time.”
We did a quick tour-de-BVIs with Bill before he left for St. Thomas and his flight back home. Not a lot of pics – not sure why.
Bill, our number one crew (in the non-electronic category), just after the Captain threw his bags off the boat – getting ready to load up on the Soper’s Hole, BVI to St. Thomas, USVI ferry run. Heading home. It was fun, Bill!!

roadtownIMG_3542 We did stop at the Botanical Gardens in Road Town, Tortola, where they have free range turtles and side-kick cats.
Along with caged orchids.

We did get in some snorkeling. It’s not Bahamas quality snorkeling, but it is sure nice to get back in the water.
A Flamingo Cowrie, limin’ on a purple fan coral.
We’re now back in North Sound, Virgin Gorda, on a Bitter End Yacht Club mooring. We’ll stay here through US Thanksgiving. We scored a Butterball while in Soper’s Hole where we dropped Bill off. Looks like we have 4 boats getting together for T-day. Fortunately Baxter and Molly on Terrapin are vegans – that should make the bird go a little further. Although I gotta say I’m a little worried about my mashed potatoes.
For any of you who are over 50, there’s a great article in USA Today – I know, they aren’t known for being the pinnacle of journalism. This article looks at the USA moments before JFK was shot. Brings up lots of memories. I was in Mrs. Howath’s 6th grade class. We had a mutual dislike for each other. She hated my penmanship and precocious responses to the questions she posed in class. I just couldn’t deal with this tall, boxy women telling me to do dumb things – and picking on my script.  They didn’t tell us why, but they sent us home early that day.
Article sample: Hillary Rodham is a teenage Republican, and Rick Perry is a young Democrat. In Congress, a federal income tax cut is opposed by … conservatives.


  1. Excellent article about JFK, thanks for sharing. We didn't realize you were that old...s/v Skylark

  2. Thanks for the link to the "the way we were" article. Brought back a lot of memories. I was in 7th grade and it was "passing period". I was on my way to Math when I heard the news. Didn't believe it, of course. Amazing how much changed between 1960 and say, 1967.

    Enjoy your limin'.