Friday, November 15, 2013

Trade Winds - A Good Thing

The winds died about 11:30pm on Wed night and we've been motoring since. The only thing exciting to happen was the lunch break. We stopped and took a swim in the deep end of the pool. 87*F with a depth of 20,089 feet, no wind. Deep blue ocean. Really refreshing, if not a bit spooky. If you dropped something it would be tough to pick it up off the bottom of the pool.
About 6pm the NE trades started to fill in. We sailed slowly at about 4 kts. Overnight the trades filled in to 10-12kts NE. At 3am we were doing 6.5 to 8 kts in flat, moonlit seas. Sweet.
Yesterdays run was 140 miles. DTG 162.

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  1. See you Sunday afternoon after you catch some 'shuteye'
    We will be leaving Puerto Rico tomorrow ( Saturday ) morning and only do a pit stop in the US Virgins to load up on Rum,