Sunday, November 10, 2013

BVI enroute

Light wind, downwind run today. 170 miles made good. Finally got the mainsail back into play. A little sun too. Not sure where I came up with our distance from Bermuda yesterday. We were more like 192 miles NW. We are about 185 miles SW of Bermuda now. 760 odd miles to go to Virgin Gorda. Not quite half way. Main excitement was Buckwheat pancakes for breakfast with fresh blueberries inside plus some blueberries trying to shelter in-place on top.
We heard the coast guard cutter FOrward had been to visit Jammin and Wings, but apparently no tow has started. The semi-disabled boats that are trying to get back to the Chesapeake are probably going to be dealing with uncomfortable weather on the nose in the next few days. Hope they all do well and that it is only stuff that is broken.

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