Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Southerly

We sailed all day into Southerly winds making a course of SE. This put us something like 60 miles further east than we needed or wanted to be. At one point there was some discussion about just continuing on to Portugal and picking up a few cases of good, cheap Tawny Port. I checked the cruise brochure and nowhere in there do they say anything about days of southerly winds. At about 10:30pm last night the winds lightened way up so we started motoring. This time in a SSW course to get to our destination and to get more westerly before the 'good' winds start. Once we get through this no wind band the wind is supposed to slowly pick up from the NE and turn this trip into a nice tradewind sail to the end. Hopefully that will be this afternoon or this evening. The air temp is 81*F, the water temp is 85*F and the water depth is 19,000 feet. Some of the big western US mountains could be dropped on the bottom here and the tops would be underwater or at best a small hill above the sea surface -- my kind of mountain climbing.
We made 132 miles yesterday. DTG 304 miles. Still looking at Saturday arrival.


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  1. Get some good sleep when you get here Saturday, we plan on coming up to Gorda Sound Sunday afternoon - presently in Puerto Rico with all the tool boxes out!
    Judy and Torben