Saturday, November 9, 2013

Better Days

Good sailing last the 24 hrs. We had winds out of the NNW running 28 to 30kts gusting to 35kts most of the time. 8-12 foot seas. We sailed with the genoa out broad reach to downwind. Made 172miles. It was time for hot meals yesterday. Hot oatmeal for breakfast. Tortilla soup for lunch and then chicken curry for dinner. Curry has such a fine flavor and smell when you eat it on your Midnight to 3 am watch. Winds are getting lighter now. Weather router Chris Parker says we will be motoring on Sunday and may get to enjoy southerly winds (in our face) early next week. Argh. We are currently 112 miles wnw of Bermuda.

More carnage to report. Niyad or Nyap(sp) was dismasted and is motoring south. Presumably to Bermuda. Wings is disabled and drifting somewhere near Jammin (the Catalina 42 that lost its rudder in the stream). The US Coast Guard has re-commissioned an asset (AKA found a boat) and is planning to head out to tow both boats in in one tow. At least 3 other boats have diverted their course to Bermuda for repairs and R&R.

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