Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Armistice Day

11/11 @ 11:00am we started the Armistice Day parade. Unfortunately there was a heavy rain going on, so attendance was pretty much limited to the hardy souls on SV Georgia. The festivities included a horn blast by Bill that removed a few years of hearing from my ears. On more important news, I had a shower. Also did the annual pre-tropical beard shave. Chris won't talk to me till it grows back.
Very little wind today due to a tropical trough that is about 180-250 miles long that we are passing through. Flaky light winds and rain squalls. But we did have a pretty sunset. Looked like it dropped on Ft Lauderdale about 720 miles west of us -- my old stomping ground.
We are planning another celebration today for 11/12/13 @ 14:00 o'clock. You're all invited.
All the disabled boats making the Chesapeake have arrived -- and are way glad to be there.

Staring about 5am this morning the winds picked up from the South, so we are beating into them with a reefed main and staysail. If this keeps up for too long, I'm going to pull into a Denney's parking lot for a Grand Slam Breakfast meal and some bad coffee. When I suggested this to the crew they both vetoed it and want to go to Wafflehouse.
507 DTG (Distance To Go). We only made 112 miles yesterday -- ugh!!


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