Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beating South

Its blowing pretty much out of the S for the last day. So that leaves us beating into 8-15kts making more easterly than we'd like. DTG is 413 miles. Yesterdays run was 128 miles. We should probably be in some time Saturday. The highlight of this morning was talking to Elizabeth on Skylark over the SSB. I really wanted to talk to Luna, their dog, but Elizabeth would do. They fared the gale winds pretty well - at least relative to some boats. One of the boats that diverted to Bermuda, Southern Cross, left Bermuda and got about 60 miles out and had steering failure. They are now awaiting a commercial tow back to Bermuda. Hopefully we'll get some light winds latter today and can stop going East and get more S in our track.

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  1. hoping you have great winds from behind for your last few days - glad you are safe and will be watching this space hoping to hear only good news about the rest of the trip!