Sunday, August 24, 2014

Here Comes the FOB

mandt Its been a long time since I did any blogging. We spent a month up in Bellingham, WA (actually Ferndale). Most of the time was working hard getting Tyler and Meghan’s 5 acres ready for their wedding, or as Chris puts it: Working like rented mules.  Lots of gravel hauling, bark dusting, weed whacking, mower riding and goat kennel preparing. The place looked great for the wedding and it went off without a hitch. Here’s Meghan and Tyler in the field in front of their house with Mount Baker in the background after the I Do’s.
flowergrandma The hit of the ceremony were the Flower Grandmas going down the aisle tossing flowers before the bride and FOB walked in.
This is Meghan walking the FOB (Father Of the Bride) down the aisle. Actually my job was to make sure Meghan didn’t go too fast – I think she was ready to get the show on the road.
Here’s another quite cute couple at the wedding.