Monday, October 20, 2014

Seahorse Spotting

We finally spotted the elusive seahorse. This male has got a fat belly full of babies. Supposedly Mrs. Seahorse is near by, as they mate for life, but we couldn’t find her. You gotta wonder how they know that seahorses mate for life – check the seahorse divorce court records?
bonaireDSCN1297  We spotted some other interesting and odd stuff. The sponge on the right (the darker circle) is spewing millions of baby sponges into the water – the fuzzy stream in the center. This is apparently a rare site to see.
bonaireDSCN1225 Speaking of rare sites to see – Chris hi-fiving (or maybe it is low-fiving).
bonaireDSCN1298 A happy worm living on a coral head
If you look close, you can see a tan with white spots eel (center right between the rocks) trying to get away from a Chris attack.
This angel fish might look grumpy, but he’s actually having a good feed. On the left hand side of the pic is some left over brown baguette bread. You aren’t supposed to feed these guys, but what are you going to do with rock hard baguette?
bonaireDSCN1304 Its not all play on the boat. I regularly start working on something and drop a tool overboard. This is a set of Allen keys that I’m grabbing in about 19 feet of water. That was a lot easier than the splicing tool I had to go get in 28 feet a few days before. But at least I can see them here.
bonaireDSCN1181 I know selfies are the In thing. So I figured I’d get with it and show off my new prescription dive mask I picked up in Bonaire. US$135 for the mask, lenses and an exam to pick out the right lenses at the local eye doc at Buena Vista Optics in downtown Kralendijk.
bonaireIMG_5938   Not a selfie, so I guess it is just showing off. Our new Standup Paddle boards (SUP). Its not surfing, but its decent exercise- especially if you’ve got a head wind.