Monday, November 11, 2013

Half Way

We passed the half way point yesterday afternoon. As of this morning we have 624 miles to go. Light wind sailing yesterday till about 4pm when it got too light to sail. We motored till mid-night. Then it has been slow, light sailing making 3-4kts, SSW. Only made 122 miles yesterday.
Jammin (lost rudder) was taken in tow by the CG and should be back into the Chesapeake today. The crew from Wings (disabled) were airlifted by a CG helo and the boat abandoned - as best as I can understand. Nyapa (dismasted, a Hans Christen 38) is motoring back to the Chesapeake. They are in tough conditions, as of last night, in the Gulfstream with 30-35 kts out of the NW. Probably pretty ugly conditions. They should get a break this morning and hopefully will make the Chesapeake by Tues. Wish I was there to buy them a beer - they'll have earned it.

Looks like it will be another slow going day today. Light rain.

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