Friday, October 11, 2013

DC at Night (before the shutdown)

This is Abe Lincoln, eyes open even at night. He’s the father of the Republican party. When most of the evening visitors were gone, he leaned over and whispered in my ear “WTF are these guys doing – they have a country to run!”. Not much I could say back.
DCIMG_3399 The Washington Monument with the Capitol dome sneaking out from behind. Obviously completely embarrassed about what is going on within its bowels.

DCIMG_3401DCIMG_3400 The photos above are from the Korean War monument taken at night. Its a moving and somewhat eerie tribute to the Koreans and Americans who perished in the war. It doesn’t give you any of the John Wayne glory, but focuses on the individuals who sacrificed for for their governments plans.
We got lost on our way back from the Mall. Luckily we ran into this crew from California who had maps in hand and were really quick to tell us where to go. (Actually, Carrie in the middle, isn’t from CA anymore. She’s a furloughed gov work in Oregon)

After DC we headed south. Did a quick 1 hour haul in the slings in Deltaville so I could repack the leaking stuffing box on the boat. Then we headed down to Hampton, Virginia. This is at the bottom of the Chesapeake, near Norfolk and in front of the Hampton Roads naval yards. We’ll be here working on the boat till early November. Additional solar panels, new storage in the man-cave, re-stitching the bimini and dodge canvas………Then we’ll take off with a bunch of other boats in the Salty Dawg Rally. This goes from Hampton to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

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  1. you always provide a chuckle - love your sense of humor. We just finished a cruise up the Kumai river seeing the orangutans in Kalimantan. I can just imagine the correlations you would make between our two visits.