Monday, March 9, 2015

Marquises Passage Day 3

Yesterday's noon-to-noon run was 170 miles. It was cold last night - must have gotten down to the mid-70's. Long sleeves and long pants were what was needed. We always see flying fish offshore, but there are some really large herds of them out here. In the morning we see the results of whole families that committed suicide on our decks. I'm thinking of taping the crisis center 800 telephone number to the side of our hull. It might help out some of the younger, more techy flying fish.

Most of yesterday and all last night we flew the genoa out to the port side with the pole. It was decent sailing, but had us pointing just a little too much north of our desired course. This morning we moved the genoa back to the starboard side without the pole. So far, so good.

Got a funny note from our friend Dwyer on Rascal last night. He's the single-hander we met in the Galapagos who is sailing to Chile right now, via Easter Island. I told him that Gentlemen don't sail to Weather, that's why we were turning off and heading to French Polynesia now, instead of Easter. He responded with "thx for everything, good thing I'm a Rascal, not a gent ;-)"

Only 2,375 miles to go to Fatu Hiva.

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