Monday, March 2, 2015

Loading Up at the Organic Farm

pvIMG_9838 Part of Chris’ haul- fresh chiles, or pimientos as they’re called here.
JC, our agent here, setup a taxi to take us up to the highlands to a great farm. This place had an amazing variety of fruits and veggies – way more than in any of the stores here, even when they are stocked: pineapples, papaya, tomatoes, cabbage, spring onions, passion fruit, egg plant, banana, plantain, eggs, mint, basil, oregano, carrots, limes,  peppers, (corn and melons weren’t ready yet)  along with chickens, ducks and geese. All organic and fresh- we picked them from the fields as we walked around.
pvIMG_9824 Fenced to keep the free-range tortoises out?
Pineapple hunting.
Green tomato hunting – they ought to last awhile.
Chris and Dwyer paying up.
OK, a few more animal photos before we leave. This young sea lion is fully enjoying our anti-seal defenses on the swim step. They’re so much like dogs you want to pet the little ones.
“Excuse me lady, exactly why did you kick me off the step?”
And finally, one of the scary looking vegetarian marine Iguana swimming on by the boat- they just swish their tail back and forth.
Tomorrow we’re off for Easter Island.

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