Saturday, March 14, 2015

Marquisas Passage Day 8

Noon-to-noon run of 181 miles. When we decided to bail on Easter and hang a right, I grabbed a paper chart I had to check the spelling of Marquisas. It is a US chart based on a French chart. They spell it Marquisas. The French cruisers pronounce it Mar-Key-Sa. The English spelling is Marquesas and the Yanks pronounce it Mar-Cay-Sas. I think I'll just randomly go back and forth in its spelling on the blog.

After noon yesterday we moved the headsail from the starboard side to the port side and put it on the whisker pole. This allowed us to sail a little deeper. With the sail on the other side we were getting a little too far south. I think the boat sails better without the pole, so we will probably move it back over this afternoon (if our schedule doesn't get too crowded with other important meetings).

Very quiet night watches - just not much going on. The waning moon didn't show its face till about 1:00 am last night. The Southern Cross is up there- faithfully pointing south. It was a light night for flying fish suicides and no ship sightings.


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