Thursday, March 12, 2015

Marquisas Passage Day 6

Noon-to-noon run 197 miles.

Not much going on yesterday and overnight. Winds would run for a 4-6 hours at 22-26kts, then they'd run at 16-18kts -- rinse and repeat. Sunny all day yesterday with clouds this morning. No ships, a few petrels and lots of flying fish. The flying fish always take off in big herds (schools?) breaking the water surface flying into the wind. How do these guys know which way the wind is blowing from underwater? There's no local weatherman and I have yet to see a wind-sock out here. The Shadow might not know, but I bet Wikipedia does. These are the mysteries one contemplates out here.

Distance to go till Fatu Hiva 1837 miles. All is well onboard.


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