Thursday, March 5, 2015

Easter Island Passage Day2

Our day 1 noon-to-noon run was about 111 miles. Probably 40% motoring. It has been really light air yesterday afternoon and last night. We had a little real wind when we had some drizzle for a few hours last night. We are motoring at least 50% of the time. It's 7:30am now and looks like the wind is coming up enough to start some sailing again. We should be down in the SE tradewinds in another day or so.
Not much to report on critters. About an hour out of Isabela we saw in the distance a giant Manta Ray get airborne (no pictures, so you don't have to believe me). We've had a few frigate birds dive down to the surface in the wake behind us looking for something that we churned up. Petrels and boobies come by on occasion. Some flying fish. No ships.
All's well onboard.

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