Sunday, March 15, 2015

Marquesas Passage Day 9

Noon-to-noon run of 175 miles. The winds have become a little more variable now. We've made it past the half way point. We were going to have a big celebration last night but after discussions with the crew representative, it was thought that things might get too out off hand, so we had a scaled down party. No injuries and no one taken off to the brig.
This is, like, a big ocean. There really is a lot of water out here. It is further than driving from the Pacific in California to the Atlantic on the East Coast. And on that trip you get to go 60 mph, instead of 6 kts per hour. I think we are actually past half-way, maybe somewhere on the outskirts of Kansas City now.
Its overcast today. The days alternate between 80% sunny and totally overcast. Had another tropic bird fly by this morning. These are the white gull-sized sea birds with long, thin tails. We saw them nesting when we were in the Bahamas. Not sure what they are doing flying this far out to sea.

1,305 miles to go till Fatu Hiva.


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  1. Aye. It is a BIG ocean. It'll be worth it, though.