Saturday, March 7, 2015

Marquisas Passage Day 1+4

Slight change of plans. As the saying goes Gentlemen don't sail to weather. We are tired of sailing hard into the tradewinds and getting wet, inside and out. So we were at about the latitude of the island of Hiva Oa, in the Isles Marquises, French Polynesia 2800 miles away, and decided to hang a right and sail downwind to those islands. Downwind is way more comfortable and dry. We are a little disappointed we won't see the big heads of Easter Island -- maybe we will save that for when we get old. Anyway, we are out here to enjoy ourselves and we weren't enjoying beating to weather. So instead of 10 more days to Easter we have 18 or so to Hiva Oa.


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  1. We totally understand.

    Fair winds,


  2. Don't miss Fatu Hiva!

  3. Damn!!!! Now when am I going to get those big tiki things for our yard??? But that sounds like a good change of plans rather than enrolling in the Masochists' Sailing Club.