Sunday, March 8, 2015

Marquisas Passage Day 2

I forgot to put in the noon-to-noon run for Friday on yesterday's blog. It was 139 miles. Yesterday's noon-to-noon run was 150 miles. We had a fast night sailing downwind with the trades blowing 22-26 kts. Seas are down a bit this morning. We had the main with a single reef in it and the full genoa(headsail) out. Today we'll probably setup the whisker pole to hold the genoa out to windward. This will let us point a little further downwind -- more at Fatu Hiva. The boat has held up well so far, no major additions to the work list, except we lost overboard an expensive, shiny, dorade vent while beating to weather. And a few of my old friend port leaks came back to visit.


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