Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Marquesas Passage Day 11

Yesterdays noon-to-noon run was 172 miles.

Late last night I was laying in the cockpit on my watch turning the pages on my Kindle. Except for the Kindle backlight, it was really dark. An unhappy flying fish landed on my legs. We were both then unhappy. Once I figured out what it was, I picked up his flopping body and threw him back into the deep. With all the flipping and flopping, he left a fair amount of fish scales and blood in the cockpit, so I kinda doubt that he'll be doing that stunt again.

Late yesterday afternoon we dropped the headsail because the winds were getting light and it was flopping around. We ended up sailing the night under just the main almost DDW (Dead Down Wind). It was rolly, but at least we were making the right course and doing 5 or 6 kts. Its even lighter this morning, so it's either back up with the pole and turning off some, or perhaps dig out the spinnaker. Either way we are going to wait till a rain line that is behind us now passes over. Chris thinks we should turn to port and sail off 1,000 miles to the SW to Gambier. That would be a nice beam reach. I said one major change of destination per passage is enough.

980 miles to go.

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