Friday, September 30, 2022

More Proof the Earth Is Not Flat

If you have Google Earth installed on your viewing device, you should be able to click on the image above. It will take you to a Google Earth live image showing Georgia's path around the world that you can manipulate. Kinda fun to play with.

Let me know if it doesn't work for you (I will arrange a full refund).

(If you don't have Google Earth on your device, install it before clicking on Georgia's path. If you get a choice between Open in Drive or open in Chrome select Drive and then select Earth. If you are using Google Earth Pro on a Windows laptop, you will need to download the file and then open it in Google Earth. You might need to zoom in or change the colors to see the positions. )

Georgia's path on Google Earth

Download Google Earth in Google Play Store 

Download Google Earth from the Apple Store 

Playing with the Google Earth files is filling my day here, as we sit out hurricane Ian's remnants. We tied off with extra lines to the dock and pilings yesterday. Filled our water tanks, made sure the genset and main engine run, and did shopping trip to get a baguette and soup. Now its just sitting out the rain and a few gusts. The picture above is last night before I moved our east coast Honda to higher ground. The water is now about a foot higher and flooding the parking area. Hopefully it'll start to fall tomorrow, so we can actually get off the dock.


Monday, August 15, 2022

The Last of the Parents


In the 12 years that Chris and I have been cruising there have been many family occasions - marriages, divorces, grandchildren, and deaths. Over the years we have lost all four of our parents, pretty evenly spaced over the period. The last to go was my dad (he's the one on the left), he died this week. It was long life, making 95 years and while we weren't there at the end, I'm sure he was as cantankerous as ever on the way out.


Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Enjoying Bear Town


We've been in Bear Town for a couple of months now. The town is actually New Bern, North Carolina. Named after Bern, Switzerland. Bern meaning bear in Swiss. When you walk around town you run into a lot of bears, along with some nice restaurants, tourist hangouts and antique malls.

 My favorite bear is the one in front of Mitchel's Hardware. This is an old style hardware store with rotating buckets of nails, and along with a little bit of everything and someone working there who knows how to find it.

Mitchel's has a great stock of stainless steel screws, getting my vote. It so much easier working the boat to walk a block and half to Mitchells and grab the right bolt or screw, than to dig through mu boxes of miss matched parts. We've been doing a lot of boat work, mostly cosmetics to get ready to put her on the market. Then we'll have to decide what we are going to do (when we grow up).

The town is full of restored and waiting to be restored antebellum southern homes. It was the site of a Union-Confederate battle then ended with the town being in Union hands for most of the war.

Georgia sitting at the dock in New Bern while she gets the spa treatment

A Monarch picture because its summer.