Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Marquisas Pasage Day 5

Noon-to-noon run 168 miles, this includes 1hr 45mins of hove-to time for repairs.
OK, its getting down right crowded out here. Last night we passed a 351ft Ecuadorian fishing trawler about 5 miles astern of us. At 351ft I'm pretty sure it was not a Sportfisher out for a day charter. It was most likely one of the huge tuna boats with a spotting helicopter onboard like we'd seen in Panama. The helicopter is used to search out the last tuna in the South Pacific -- a bit like strip mining.

We've had a few complaints about customers who are unhappy that they will not be receiving their Easter Island Tiki heads that they ordered from the SVGeorgia Paraphernalia e-commerce blog page (always read the fine print when ordering). We are negotiating a replacement item for them -- up to a 1/3 Marquesian body tattoo. This will include round trip express mailing of the indicated body parts.


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  1. Interesting that you have company out there; we didn't see a single other boat of any size until we were well within sight of the Marquesas! Scary experience you had with your rudder. Sounds like you two handled it well.....great seamanship.