Sunday, December 15, 2013

The High Life in the British Virgin Islands

Torbin and Judy (Tivoli) invited us over to Great Camanoe Island to share lunch. They have some friends from the Bay area that have a winter house on the hill within Indigo Plantation. Aptly named as it used to be a plantation that grew indigo.  Indigo was prized for making blue dye. The island’s use apparently goes back to the 1600’s and the Dutch West India Company. Above is the view from the deck over looking Lee Bay.
IndigoIMG_3640 It is an island style house to die for, with high ceilings, slow ceiling fans and windows and doors that open to all the breezes. No A/C or heater needed here.
IndigoIMG_3644 The sliding barn doors open to the kitchen where Ricky is busily working on the lunch BBQ prep.
IndigoIMG_3649 Georgia safely anchored behind the Marina Cay reef while we play on the island.
IndigoIMG_3654 There’s that cute couple again
Ricky (honorable son), Judy and Torben. It was fun to meet Ricky, as he has just gotten off an intense work period. Ricky graduated  with a degree in mechanical engineering and through some fortuitous planning and luck, he landed a job working on the Oracle team America’s cup entry. Lots of of interesting technical stories. Ricky is now intimately familiar with titanium and saving grams of weight. He’s, hopefully, headed to grad school and wants to be ready for the next Cup.
IndigoIMG_3658 Island flowers
These flowers just didn’t look like they had real colors. Turns out they mark someone's driveway and are plastic. Not everyone has island class.
We headed off to Monkey Point for some morning snorkeling.
These two girls decided to dress entirely different for ball.
There were a lot of pelicans roosting near by. These fry are what they were snacking on.
Another fancy dresser. The trunk fish are not very skittish. They almost pose.
This lobster was trying to decide if my camera would make a good meal or if it was a mortal threat.
A blue tang town meeting, think Dorrie in ‘Finding Nemo’. “Keep on swimming, keep on swimming, swim, swim,swim, swim…”

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