Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anegada Island

For those enjoying slush in the Pacific Northwest
We spent a few days over on Anegada Island. Its the only coral island in the BVIs, as opposed to the volcanic islands of the rest of the British Virgin Islands. The trade winds had finally calmed down a bit, giving us a great beam reach sail over – we did the 15 miles in a couple of hours. The anchorage is a little rolly, with some strange swell getting in.  But I guess we need something to complain about.
anegadaIMG_3582 We rented car with the crew of Terrapin and Skylark (sans dogs) to circumnavigate the island by road.  Here’s the path to the beach at Loblolly Bay on the NE shore of the island. The reefs are far better on this side, than on the leeward side where we are anchored.
AnegadaDSCN0523 A photogenic box fish.

IanegadaMG_3576 The restaurant at Loblolly with some long-hair walking past.
Monica, the owner of the restaurant. She’s an import from Trinidad and has adjusted to the small island living on Anegada, as compared to the big island, big city living of Port of Spain, Trinidad. She goes back each year Aug, Sept, Oct, during the slow season here. Good food, good hospitality, not cheap. Actually nothing in the BVIs is cheap.
Flamingo Spotting

The pink guys way off in the distant mangrove swamps along the salt pond.
We stopped at the bakery on the way back. This is the first time we’ve seen Lion fish on the menu. These are non-native, very aggressive fish that are overtaking the reefs in many places around the Caribbean. Even they aren’t cheap.
Unidentified purdy flower
Sunrise over Anegada Island


  1. Hey Paul & Chris,

    I think the purdy flower is a type of spider lily.

    Carolynn & Tom
    Still shivering up in Georgia

  2. Yeah...laugh it up....the temp here in Eugene Oregon was a warm -4 last Monday!! Thats right MINUS 4 DEGREES!!!! Now
    go enjoy a warm sandy beach and coldie!