Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lessons Learned from the Bounty Sinking

The Bounty
“Experience in a vacuum doesn’t make us smarter. Experience has to be processed. It has to be considered with full disclosure.”
G. Anderson Chase
The sailing ship Bounty was lost in 2012 on passage from Connecticut to St. Petersburg, Florida after sailing into the fury of hurricane Sandy. The Captain and one crew member died after a daring rescue by the US Coast Guard of the other crew. There has been a lot of second guessing and armchair analyzing the captains choices and the ships seaworthiness.  Anderson Chase does an excellent job of going past the Coast Guard Enquiry and looking at the issues that effect the decision making when crews take on the risk of going to sea. His analysis applies to any endeavor where groups willingly take on risk. Its a good read.
The article is here: Lessons of the BOUNTY

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