Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Abandoned Boat Recovered Off Anegada

sca2t_IMG_3600 SV Scat with Tortola in the background
Breaking up the boredom while hanging out in Anegada, we heard some VHF radio traffic this morning between the fishing vessel Pelagic and the US Coast Guard, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
scat_IMG_3600 This is Pelagic towing in the abandoned sailboat Scat (reportedly a Southern Cross 32). The boat has been floating around for the last month(since Nov 3rd) after being abandoned 400 miles north of Puerto Rico for a medical emergency.
CG_10676790286_0182801f42_n The Winnipeg, Canada, based owner was apparently severely dehydrated and was picked up by a cargo vessel after contacting the CG. When the vessel got about 200 miles off Puerto Rico, the owner was airlifted from the ship to a San Juan hospital. The CG was going to notify him this morning that his boat is now anchored in Settlement Harbor on Anegada – and probably has a decent sized salvage bill awaiting. Other than a broken boom, the boat looks in remarkably good shape. The solar panels have kept the batteries up, as the bilge pump was still pumping.
These ghost ships  are not something you want to run into at 3am.


  1. A big CRUNCH is NOT something you want to hear at 3am. There are enough things to keep a sailor up at night.
    Anon Y Mous

  2. We almost salvaged this boat a few hours after it was abandoned.
    look for "the one that got away" and Kimberlite in ocean navigator.
    Eric Freedman S/V Kimberlite