Friday, November 25, 2011

It Looks Like Jeorgia Measures Up

We picked up the anchor from muck of the Las Brisas anchor this morning and headed over to the other side of the Causeway, to La Playita. Here we had a date with the Admeasurer for the ACP (Panama Canal Authority). Ricardo, the measurer came onboard around 10am and spent about 45 minutes chit-chatting with us and filling out forms. They want to know if you have a working toilet, bottled water for the Canal advisor, strong cleats and lines and working horn and engine. All good. So Jeorgia was issued the Panama Canal Ship Identification certificate, above. It stays with the boat, even after we sell her, and is used on all future transits. Then we were off to the Citibank to pay the $1,500 in cash to go through. The actual cost is about $650, with the rest used for a buffer in case we damage their canal – like running Jeorgia intro one of the 100 year old cement walls and knocking it down.
Oh, yea, Chris got back from Nigeria --- to a warm welcome – even with her African cold.
Straight to the cruisers’ Turkey Day at the local Pizza restaurant.
lasbrisasDSCF0874 Table of suspects.
Chris looking for the dark meat.

The plan is to transit the Panama Canal on Dec. 4th. Then spend most of Dec. in the San Blas Islands.
lasbrisasIMG_9325 An out of sequence sunset shot.


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  1. Welcome back, Chris. Hope the transit goes smoothly although, if it doesn't, it'll make for a more interesting blog entry. But still....