Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jeorgia Gets Greener

Added two more solar panels to Jeorgia’s  electrical generating capability. It only took about 6 weeks to actually get them on and running, but they are doing a smoking job now. We now have 340 watts of solar. I bought two more panels from Sun Electric ( in Miami. I went with them because I wanted to match the two existing panels already installed and they have cheap panels. Used Gente de Mar ( to pick them up in Miami and ship them to Panama. After a few delays, mostly caused by Sun Electric, the panels made it down to Panama. They, of course, weren't the panels I ordered. Same wattage, but different manufacturer. Oh well, too much hassle and cost to return them.
 solarIMG_9199 Here’s Ollie ‘this place is a sheet hole’ the German welder, welding on a new upper stainless rail to mount the panels on. He also built custom panel mounts to attach them with – this project got dragged out way too long.
So now, with the help of a little bit of Sun, we have happy batteries by noon. I figured the whole job would cost about $600 – it came in at closer to $1000. It means the pay back when we are in anchorages is probably a year. When we are at sea, it means we can keep up with the autopilot, chart plotter and radar for a lot longer before having to charge with the main engine.

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