Wednesday, November 4, 2015

N. Minerva Reef toNew Zealand - Day 2

Forgot to mention in yesterdays blog that we past the geographic Dateline with our longitude going from 179W to 179E. So if we dug a hole through the earth we should come out at Greenwich in England on the other side -- assuming it didn't immediately fill with water and completely drain the South Pacific. Yesterday was good smooth sailing. It lasted till about 1am when everything shut down and we've been motoring. The boats about 300 miles ahead of us got hit by the front associated with the low we've tracking and have 25-30 knots winds. It looks like we will skirt around the low and not have to deal with that.

Got the watermaker running while the engine is on, so it just might be hot showers for the crew if they stay inline. Yesterday they tried to replace me with a flying fish that landed onboard and they named the New Kipper.


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