Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 4

Yesterday got a little feisty. The propane bottle ran out. Of course it ran out when we were in 25-30kts of winds and 2.5m seas, not the day before when we were motoring and the seas were flat. To change the bottles I have to open the port-aft deck locker. We turned up a bit to slow the boat and to try and avoid getting any boarding seas while I was changing the bottles. This actually worked well -- butttt - we took a seas on the stern and it tore away our aft deckbox. This is the one that we keep all our dinghy stuff in, such as a 6 gallon and a 3 gallon gas tank. We saw it floating off behind us but I figured it would be too dangerous to try and bring it back onboard in those conditions.
The next exciting thing the seas offered was late at night taking a boarding wave that ended up sending down a river of water on the companionway and into the quarterberth. So much for keeping saltwater out of the cabin.

This morning life has calmed down. The winds are back to the low 20's and the seas are a little more organized. The winds are still SSE. Which means we are still sailing SW close hauled. Sometime latter today the winds should move to the SW and we should be able to tack and point closer to our destination which is 429 miles or so away.

Got an e-mail from our friends in San Fran with all the important news updates -- the key being that they are expecting freezing temperatures in Truckee and that Hillary did not smoke pot with Donald in college.


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  1. thanks for taking the time to post amid all that - it is nice to hear from you and know you are well!