Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day 6 Minerva Reef to New Zealand

Mellow evening sailing closed hauled in 8-10 kts with fairly light seas. This is turning out to be the longest continuously close hauled (sailing tight to the wind) passage I have ever made. Quite a change from the thousands of downwind miles it takes to get across the Pacific. I have given my foul weather gear a good airing after not using them for almost two years. At this speed we should be in some time in the we hours of our Tuesday night (Monday in the slow part of the world). Ripped a towel bar out of the bulk head in the vee-berth yesterday that got unfortunately used as grab instead.
Got an e-mail from friend who are already in Opua. The important news from there is that the
Mediterranean salmon salad in the yacht club is really good.


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  1. You're closing in! Hope the gods of wind and sea keep smiling on ya!

  2. So very close! The last 200 miles are always tough...says a veteran of five crossings to/from NZ. Hang in is so worth it! Think of hiking to Russell and taking the ferry back to Pahia...long, fun hike!