Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Galapagos Passage Day 5

We've been sailing close hauled for the last few days. This morning the winds are about 13kts from the S. The current has been against us for the last few days. The OSCAR current grib that I download daily shows the current with us -- not sure what that is about, but it would be easier if the current followed the rules and gave us a push. Noon-to-noon run was 153 miles.

We are 27 miles N of the equator right now and 127 miles from the tip of San Cristobol Island. Looks like we will make Wreck Bay before dark on Thursday -- if not, we'll have to hang offshore till the morning.
No ship or fishing boat sightings. We have a few sea birds that stop by and carefully evaluate the solar panels as nice place to stop.


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