Monday, February 2, 2015

Galapagos Passage Day 3

So I hear there was a football scrimmage yesterday afternoon along with some advertising awards ceremony. So who won? We'll need to know so we can make it past the Washington State border guards when we try and return.

Yesterdays noon-to-noon run was 145 miles. That includes the overnight motoring. The winds picked up in the early morning and we had a good downwind sail all day. In the early evening they shut down again and we decided to motor toward the equator to try and get through the ITCZ and get some S winds. About 4am we hit the S winds. Blowing about 17kts and lots of rain. Plus it is cold out, 75*F. We are now 133 north of the equator.

The other day we decided to setup a whisker-pole to hold out the genoa headsail while going downwind. I never really like using these things. They take time to setup and tear down and its always on a bouncy foredeck. We set the pole up with fore and aft guys and a topping lift so it could stay up for a long time and we could still furl the headsail, etc. We got the genoa flying on the windward side for all of about 15 minutes before the internal control line that adjusts the length of the pole let loose at the inside fitting. The pole then collapsed inward and we started the process of taking the pole and gear down. Oh well.

Looks like we will make Wreck Bay, San Cristobol Island in the Galapagos sometime on the 5th. If I calculate correctly, that's Thursday.


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  1. Looks like good, 15+ trades once you get south of the E


  2. great that you are getting some downwind sail days. Now it's time to get prepared for crossing the equator and your gift to King Neptune. We watched the game....sad ending for the Seahawks - the game was so close all the way through!