Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Meghan and Tyler Show

We put this ray in the picture so you could see how long Meghan is when she's stretched out diving.
We sailed back to New Providence Island (where Nassau is) and went to the south side into Coral Harbour Canal. Ex-cruisers, Nick and Carolyn Wardle, own a house there on the canal. They have a long bulkhead where they rent out slips to cruisers. Very reasonable, at $25 a night. Nick picked up Meghan(daughter) and Tyler(boyfriend and geek) after their flight from Bellingham, WA (for an additional $10). After buying a bag of stone crabs off one of the fishing boats in the canal, we headed off the next day back to the Exumas.
These are some serious sized crab claws.

We did one long sail from New Providence to Allen Cay in the Exumas and then the rest of the vacation consisted of lots of short, easy sails between the islands capped by hours of great snorkeling.

A friendly shark visit – to keep everyone honest.

Tyler diving the plane wreck near Cambridge Cay.

A big lobster who knows full well they are in a no-take zone within the park. What a tease.

An impressive staghorn coral.

Getting ready for a swim step shower – showers had to be earned by doing a dive.

A spotted eagle ray. Don’t you think these would make a really cool pair of cowboy boots?

Eagle rays in flight.

A fish.

Chris swimming into the Thunderball cave through a phalanx of guard fishies.

Barracuda, these things bug me when I’m diving as I’m convinced that at heart they are all psychotic.

Placing the carved driftwood with Georgia on it on BooBoo Hill in Warderick Wells. Meghan is holding a photo of our old Springer spaniel named  Warderick Wells aka Wardy.

And the close up.

Dinghy adventuring in Shroud Cay.

We had a really great time over the 10-days that Meghan and Tyler visited. They were pretty soggy when they left – but tanned and relaxed too.

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