Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hanging in Staniel Cay

Looks a little like the Lonely Monterrey Pine in Big Sur

We spent 4 or 5 days hanging in the cut between Big Major and Little Major Cays, hiding from a strong cold front that blew some howling  NW winds the whole time. This gave us a chance to go into Staniel Cay to stock up. We had two choices of stores to go to, the Blue store and the Pink store. The Blue store was closed.
stanialIMG_2175 Here’s Chris stocking up inside the Pink Store with two hard yellow tomatoes, a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread. We had a nice conversation with the proprietor. This is when she explained to us that the Exumas has the most beautiful waters in all the Bahamas with the water having all 4 colors. When we look at the waters here, we run out of adjectives to differentiate between the different shades. I always end up with just calling it taupe, because no one knows what that color really is. Sounds like the locals have it simplified.
Speaking of stores, Chris dug out this bag of organic figs from a locker. The expiration date is not till Nov. 2013. This was one of our Costco investments from Ft Lauderdale. The bag was so tight with gasses it was scary to hold. I carefully attacked it with a sharp kitchen knife and managed to safely defuse the explosives inside.
There’s a lot of hotel/cottages on these islands that cater to the wealthy. The staff uses the VHF radio to order food from their kitchens and take them to the cottages. Heard over the VHF: The kitchen trying to clarify a lunch order: “Do dey want da Bahamian Real Meal or da White Man Salad?”
We’re working our way north in the Exuma islands so we can get back to Nassau to pick up our daughter Meghan and her boyfriend Tyler for a snorkeling vacation next week.

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