Friday, March 29, 2013

I forgot the Piggy shot

These pigs live on BIg Majors Spot island. Looks like there’s about 4 of them. They live high-on-the-hog by getting fed from boats and tourists. They’ll swim out to your dinghy when you arrive looking for goodies.  We brought our galley organics in, thinking they’d slop it up. Turns out these are really picky oinkers.  They wanted nothing to do with our kitchen waste. I guess we don’t eat well enough on Georgia. They were over-the-top pleased with the large bag of onion rings that the boat in the picture brought.

The Bahamas are pretty mellow cruising grounds. Good charting, easy anchorages and lots of other cruisers around. Things still go terribly wrong on occasion. We listened to a radio Pan-Pan the other day. A Pan-Pan call is an emergency, but less eminent than a Mayday call.  Two couples off two boats went for a walk on the trails on Hog Cay. This is basically a small island 100 yards off Warderick Wells. The trails are washed out limestone on these islands. This means they are pocked with 3 inch to 6 feet holes all along. One of the women tripped in a hole and hit chest first and then head down. The hikers did not bring a handheld VHF radio with them, so one had to hike back to the dinghy to get the radio. The radio call indicated that she was in and out of consicousness and had difficulty breathing.  A number of boaters close by and the Exumas Park personnel went to her aide. Eventually after a long period of CPR, a helicopter from a near-by private island, Bell, arrived and took her into Nassau. Unfortunately she could not be revived. Our condolences from Georgia.

We, or should I say I, am/are in Stanial Cay area. Chris has gone back to San Diego for 10-days to check on her parents who are having some health issues. I get to stay and play in the water – if it would just get warm again. Right now it is 77*. I’m holding out for 80.

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  1. Little piggies like the same food we do. Fries... or uncooked goat food? That's too easy!
    Anon Y Mouse