Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some More Time in the Las Perlas Islands

Seems a bit surreal being anchored out in the Las Perlas islands and listening to the 9/11 10-year anniversary on the HF Radio 12.1335 MHz broadcast of the NPR feed. Most days it doesn't usually come in very readable, but this morning I can clearly hear the Star Spangled Banner being sung live at the Pentagon. Surreal in deed.
It was an easy motor out the 35 miles from Balboa to the Las Perlas. I've been at Chapera Is for a few days now. There is a total of 4 boats here including Jeorgia. All boats that I know from El Salvador. The water has been clear making for some good snorkeling. Saw a small reef shark yesterday and the standard set of colorful reef characters. I got off about 3 pictures on my underwater camera that I revived with a new XD-picture-to-microSD adapter card. Then I dove about 12 or 14 feet down and the screen flashed a complex message in all red. Of course there's little red light at that depth so it was completely unreadable. Either way I figured red wasn't good. The net is that its now drying out in the cabin with water behind the little screen that used to deliver red messages. I suspect it is never to come to life again. Meghan, start looking for a good new one.
It rains here tropical hard almost every night and into the morning. Then most days it clears off for at least half the day to allow us all to get out play. I've got another couple of dives to do to finish cleaning the bottom. There was a great study of hard growth and barnacles on the keel. I haven't cleaned the bottom for 7 weeks. Clearly too long around here.
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