Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More snorkeling time

I spent a total of 3 nights at Isla Chapera. The best diving I’ve found in the Las Perlas.
chaperawhitetip This white-tipped reef shark figured he owned the place. Carolyn, on Sunnyside, took this picture yesterday. I dove this reef this morning alone – well not exactly alone, as this same shark was cruising around. A little freaky being the only one out there.
I would have taken my own shots of him but my Olympus 8000 Tough Shot ain’t so tough. These things just aren’t built to take the conditions they are sold for. You can see the water sitting behind the display.
chaperaIMG_8975   A lot of playful whales going in and out of the Las Perlas this time of year.
Here’s one that decided in come straight at Jeorgia. I wasn’t sure if I should start the engine to make some noise or just continue ghosting by under sail. They past by the bow before I decided to do anything. This time of year, summer, they are humpback whales from the Southern Hemisphere. In the winter the Northern Hemisphere humpbacks come to vacation here.
Unfortunately I heard from our friends on Ann Lucia who I helped through the Canal. They made it out to the San Blas Islands and promptly ran into a reef. They didn’t think it was too bad, so they decided to a wait an hour or so for high tide to get off. About 10 Kuna Indians came out to ‘help’. One jumped on board and amid the language confusion proceeded to move the boat in reverse. The rudder slammed into a rock and was bent. They got towed in by a fellow cruiser and dove the boat the next morning. The rudder would only turn to port. They ended up cutting off a small piece enabling it to turn port and starboard. They are headed back to Shelter Bat Marina in Colon to haul and repair.

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