Monday, September 19, 2011

The Magic of Posting a Comment to Blogspot

At the end of every blog entry is a spot to enter a comment. The button is there so our reader can be immersed in the social network phenomena and make witty and well reasoned comments to the world. This comment button works both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres – making it particularly handy for Australians from Port Macquarie. Here’s the abbreviated, quick launch directions:
1. Select Comment.
2. Select a Profile. Anonymous is fine, or some other profile that you can be logged into, like Google Account for GMAIL,
3. Stick in your witty, well constructed and carefully edited comment
4. Hit Post Comment
You would think that that would get you a comment, but no, there's more!
5. Enter the Word Verification magic. This is to slow down the spammers
6. Hit Post Comment again.
That's it. At some point the comments are e-mailed to me and I say Post and its then recorded in history (more spam defense). If you use Anonymous I will not see your e-mail address.
Now all it needs is a Southern Hemisphere beta tester and then we can say the directions are fool-proof.


  1. Hi Paul! When is Chris coming back? I think of you whenever I bake oatmeal cookies. You appreciate it more than any cruisers around. Oh I also miss making you dinner. We're house sitting in San Carlos (huge house) with use of their jeep. We're provisioning and scheduled to leave october 4 depending on weather. Oh.. Steve destroyed the head so hopefully, it gets fixed soon. Miss you guys.

  2. Wut's hard is figgerin out all iss other interweb stuf! Wutcha gona doo?
    We're enjoying the blog, Lare

  3. Does Graham follow your blog? Hello Graham and Jackie! We can use the comment section to say hello to other people as well right?

  4. enjoying all your postings Paul with your great sense of humour and entertaining writing style. keep them coming.