Sunday, December 5, 2010

San Evaristo

San Evaristo is a good anchorage, we ducked in after running in front of south winds from Isla Santo Espiritu and stayed for a few days while some fierce Norther’s blew through. It’s home to a small fishing village, about 50 miles north of La Paz (by dirt road) on the Baja Peninsula about mid-way across from Isla San Jose. That’s about 65 miles south of Puerto Escondido, where we’ve decided to try to head.
sanevaristoIMG_5528Approach to San Evaristo
Sunrise on the village, with Las Gigantas mountain range behind
Jeorgia sitting pretty in the bay.
sanevaristoIMG_5568Cardon cactus
Local fisherman (fisherperson)…the bay was home to  hundreds of pelicans, who were either doing break-neck dives into the shallow water for fish or sunning themselves on the rocky point.
The little rocky point in the bay where the locals fish.
Finally, we got Boobies! A Blue Footed Boobie; apparently they’re found only in Baja California, Isla Isabel (near Mazatlan), and the Galapagos Islands. They weren’t doing their mating dance this time of year, but definitely had their blue feet on.sanevaristoPB290185
Pelican food supply. The rocks off the points in San Evaristo bay make for some nice diving. Water temp is 72*F. Still above my 70* minimum.
The local burros in front of the Salt Ponds on the other side of the point, including a few very frisky colts.
Pelicans inundating Jeorgia.
Non-local fishing boat coming in to avoid the forecasted blow.
SANEVARISTOIMG_5573After the winds begin to pick up
39+ knots of wind was the overnight maximum
The second anchor in the cockpit ready to use if the first one lets loose.
One of our neighbors in the anchorage, a Frenchman on a boat from New Zealand. He’s trying to recover his dinghy after it flipped during the night (with the outboard on it). He went in the water right after this picture was taken, but got out unscathed.
Chris bailing our dinghy out after the wind subsides.
Local fisherman stopping by in his panga to bum some AA batteries. Always happy to help!


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