Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Candlestick

On our way north to Puerto Escondido we stopped at Caleta Candeleros Chico (Little Candlestick Cove). This is a small indention in the rugged cliffs that can hold one or two boats at anchor. We were the only ones there except for the birds and fish. It was a great place to dive. caletacandeleroschicoIMG_5815

Heading into the cove; we really couldn’t see the entrance until we were right up on it.


Looking off the boat to the head of the bay.


The surrounding rocks being slowly eroded away.

caletacandeleroschicoPC040277Spotted Ray swimming along the sandy bottom.

caletacandeleroschicoPC040265Giant Damselfish guarding her(?) territory with a little Spotted Puffer fish nearby.

caletacandeleroschicoPC040266Pretty view of the rocky reef in the cove.

caletacandeleroschicoPC040267Juvenile Giant Damselfish, they are a really iridescent indigo blue, often with spots.

caletacandeleroschicoPC040268Soft Orange Cup coral on the rocks.

caletacandeleroschicoPC040269A fish-eye view of Jeorgia, from the water.

caletacandeleroschicoPC040272A shy Baloonfish (in Spanish, globo-botete), hiding among the rocks on the bottom. They’re usually the first fish to come check out the bottom of the boat when we anchor. You see these poor little guys dried out and puffed up for sale in the tourist shops. Bummer.

caletacandeleroschicoPC040275 A scary Scorpionfish doing the blend-in thing, waiting for a hapless little fish to come by or a careless human-being to step on him. Yikes!


While in the water here I dove on the boat and replaced the sacrificial zincs on the shaft and prop. It’s not all play.


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