Monday, December 6, 2010

Puerto Los Gatos

After the wind finally died down we got out of San Evaristo. It was motor north into 10 kts of wind. We headed to Puerto Los Gatos, which is just a small indentation of a bay that is uninhabited. Its claim to fame is the black rock, red rock and a sandy beach. We were hoping for some good diving, but the water just wasn’t that clear. We didn’t see any gatos but we did see some vacas come down to the beach in the evening, we think for a salt lick… didn’t see any of them swimming.


Approaching the red rock to anchor.


The photographer and the red rock. Chris was feeling like she was back in New Mexico, only with a ocean front view.


A sea star running (you could actually see him moving!) back to the water at low tide. Probably a Bradley Sea Star, possibly a Tan Sea Star.



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  1. Just lovely. That red rock coming down to the water is awesome. Thanks.