Monday, November 1, 2010

San Diego, America’s Finest City

It’s a nice place, but I’m not sure where they get to claim the Finest. Blogging has been slow while in SD.  I’ve been floating around the slips and anchorages of SD harbor while waiting for Chris to get back from Ethiopia. She had a good trip, pics will be in the next post. The link on the right for Where’s Jeorgia has been updated with a better map  Where's Jeorgia map
Jeorgia on the way to San Diego.

The Naval security boat stopping by to visit and tell me to move faster away from the Trident sub in the background. The sub came into SD harbor, got a couple of tugs to turn it around and went straight back out. I figure the skipper needed to pick up some Rubios’ fish tacos.

Both Chris and I used to live in north San Diego County, so its been fun catching up with old friends and seeing Chris’ family. SD harbor was really crowded last week with the HaHa boats in town. This is a rally of something like 190 boats that head down Baja together. Sounds like fun, but a little too crowded for our likes.

The start of the 2010 HaHa in San Diego.
After the HaHa space opened up in the marina at the Police Docks. This is a great deal. You get the first 5-days for $10 and the second for $20 a day. Then you have to be out. Our time is up on Thurs, so that’s when we’ll take off for Ensenada and check into Mexico. After that it’ll be a week or 10-days to get down the outside of Baja to Cabo San Lucas. We will only stay in Cabo for a day and then start heading up toward La Paz and the Sea of Cortez.

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  1. We're right behind you. Our last night on Catalina is Thursday. Then it's off to Sa Diego for maybe a week and then on to Mexico. After Ensenada, are you doing the outside in one long run or making stops? Fella here from Newport Beach has made the trip to Cabo 22 times, 20 of them racing. He says there's no good reason to stop on the outside and recommends a straight run about 25 miles offshore to get steady winds and easy swells. Matter of fact he recommends leaving from here since we're already 25 miles out. But we need to stop in SD for various last minute stuff. As to the rest, we're still up in the air.