Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hunkered down San Evaristo

Right now we are anchored in San Evaristo, a medium sized bay with a small fishing village on the shore and a salt pond. We are hiding behind the hills that surround the bay, below the mountains they call Los Gigantes. The winds have been blowing hard out of the north for the last 24 hours. At least another 24 hours are predicted. The winds in the anchorage are in the mid to high 30 knots range. Highest gust so far is 39 kts. Not much to do here but stay below, listen to the winds howl and read books -- actually I'm reading 'Cutting for Stone' (a story set in Ethiopia and recommended by Chris's friend Catherine) on my Kindle, close enough to a book. The bay is pretty protected but the winds are vicious. Makes you worry about your anchoring gear. The New Zealand boat in front of us, Ali Baba, woke this morning to see his dinghy with outboard flipped over. In trying to recover it he ended up in the water. Hopefully a fresh water bath will save the outboard and some hot tea the owner. There's 7 cruising boats spread over the two coves here plus one large fishing boat that is anchored further out. Looking past the fishing boat the Canal de San Jose (San Jose Channel) has major white elephant waves marching south. All this wind is due to a 1040mb high located around the Four Corners area(CO,AZ,UT, NM). It is amazing to see a high pressure that high. By the time you get to the end of the Baja the pressures are under 1020mb, so you have 20mb difference in 800 or so miles. That's apparently some kind of record-breaker higher and enough to create some real wind. Hopefully things will quiet down tomorrow. Today and tonight look like the wind will be blowing at least as strong as yesterday, if not more. We're hanging on by the skin of our teeth and Chris is praying to the anchor goddess for favor and cooking bean soup in the pressure cooker.
No Telcel here, so no pictures. I have a few picture blogs ready as soon as we find a Telcel tower.
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  1. So did you make it through the storm okay?


  2. Yea, we did fine. 36hours of 35kts+ but the anchorage was good. Limited internet lately (like in none), so no updates.