Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keep your eyes open

We left Turtle Bay about 10:30am. Motored out for an hour while we charged up batteries and then got a great sail along the coast. The winds were NE off the land and the seas were flat. Things lightened up by about 1:30pm so we put up the Asymmetric Spinnaker (the big purple sail). It was easy sailing till late in the day when we headed off shore to pick up more wind. With the spin down, we sailed all night toward the prominent point that sticks out of Baja, Abreojos. Abreojos roughly translates to Keep your eyes open in English. It was named by some caring old Spanish explorer to warn future retired cruisers that there are rocks offshore the point.

We got a VHF call in the middle of the night from our cruising mates Saben to say they had picked something up on their hull and it was clanging loudly (one of the downsides to having a steel hull I guess). We decided to head for the anchorage near Abreojos and dive on the boat to check it out. Jeorgia valiantly volunteered to escort them in. About 7 hours latter we were anchored in the bay past Abreojos. Steve dove the boat and found a loose zinc on the prop. No big deal. Up anchor and off to Bahia Santa Maria. Sailed all day and night till about 7:20am, then the wind died, the sails slapping was too much and the iron genny (engine) went on. Just made coffee and decided to write this. We are about 20 miles from Bahia Santa Marie. We'll stay there a night and then hop around the corner to Mag Bay.

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