Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes the Moon just lines up for you.

Moon set over the Olympic mountains on our way out the Puget Sound

We left Edmonds early Tuesday morning and covered did the 100 miles to Neah Bay in record time, about 15 hours.  We got about 3 hours of SE winds in the central straits that gave us some slow sailing but mostly motored. Because of the full moon and a lot of luck, we had the currents with us for nearly the whole day. Something almost impossible to plan. In a slow going sailboat, a couple of knots of current pushing makes lot of difference.  
Mount Rainier a 1/2 hour after we left Edmonds
This is the log that our friends Steve, Maria and Owen on Saben ran into off of Port Angeles the day before. They will be traveling down the coast with us to San Fran. It was nice to show up in Neah Bay at night and have some friendly hands to grab the dock lines.

The incoming freighters and container ships traveling in the Straits of Juan de Fuca are really impressive - both their size and their speed. You see them coming from way off and stand way clear.

Late arrival at Neah Bay
We'll leave Neah Bay today. Tentative plan is to sail for a couple of days, probbly to Newport, OR. Then wait out some expected winds before heading south again San Fran is about 650-700 miles from where we are now.
Fair winds-
Chris & Paul



  1. Paul and Chris,

    You're off and running. Great speed to Neah Bay. What is that? about a hundred miles in one day....on a sailboat! I must have missed that 200HP diesel being installed! Anyway, its great you're underway on your great adventure. You can be sure we are hanging on all the details. Thanks for keeping us land locked sailors posted on the voyage.

    George and Joan Ringstad

  2. Great pictures guys! Keep them coming!