Friday, August 27, 2010

Not everything on the todo list got done

We left Neah Bay after paying the dock enforcer below for our slip. Saying the marina here is run pretty loosely is a major understatement.
The Enforcer
Sail Rock, leaving Neah Bay
We left Neah Bay around 11am (Wednesday) bound for Yaquina Bay, Newport,  OR. It was bumpy and foggy on the way out to round Cape Flattery. We cut through Tatoosh Is and Duntze Rocks to get into the Pacific. I really wanted to grab a cool picture of the Tatoosh Light but it was nowhere to be seen.
Chris with Tatoosh Light inside a fog bank
 We motored for about 10 miles past Tatoosh and we were starting to think it was going to be a motor boat trip south. Then wind picked up and we had the beginnings of a nice northwesterly breeze... 30  minutes later we were doing 7 knots in the right direction in sunshine. This went on for the next 30 hours or so. That night, the winds picked up to about 15 knots or so with swells coming from west to northwest, so we got in some surfing too. The sky stayed crystal clear with a big bright full moon. Really  fine south bound sailing.
Catching some sleep after a night watch

About mid-night on the second night out the wind died and this morning we motored in fog to the entrance to Yaquina Bay. As we approached the mouth of the river bar there were about a 100 small boats coming through the fog trying to center punch us to get at the fish. Around sunrise the fog let up some and we headed into the Newport Marina and hot showers!
The bridge over Newport harbor entrance

All in all the boat and crew ran well for this passage. We had a small hiccup when the propane ran out last night. Oh yea, that was on the to do list before we left... It meant having to live with gourmet salad for dinner last night rather than homemde enchiladas..
If the weather looks good, we'll be off tomorrow for Eureka, or perhaps all the way to San Francisco.

Our friends on Saben, also travelling south from Edmonds, pulled into the dock shortly after we did.

Fair winds- Chris & Paul

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  1. It was bad enough when Newport stole NOAA away from Seattle. Now Newport has stolen Jeorgia and Saben. Escape while you can!