Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gotta love those freebie reciprocals

We headed into Vancouver city to spend a few days playing in the big city. Yacht clubs offer each other reciprocal moorage when you are traveling. The Vancouver Rowing Club is right in downtown Van, on the edge of  Stanley Park. They offer guests 2 nights free. Its been a club since the 1890's. Considering the trophy room is covered with pictures and letters from British royalty, it is not nearly as pretentious as it seems. Lots of Canadian hospitality.
The VRC- a gorgeous grand old place
Afternoon rowing practice
Working in the VRC Trophy Room- lots of history here!
VRC's always present and grumpy guard

The last time we were in Vancouver was for our friends' Seung and Zahra's wedding. We stayed across the harbor near here.

Busy incoming and outgoing seaplanes and geese in Vancouver harbor

Our sailing and wind luck ran out after we left Vancouver. We motored in the forest fire induced smog back to the Gulf Is. then through Active Pass and spent the night in Montague Harbor.
Chris rowing over to the floating bakery in the morning at Montague to spend the our remaining Canadian coins on some delicious blueberry scones.

Anyone now what kind of rig this is?



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