Friday, June 11, 2010

16-year old Abby Sunderland in big trouble

This is the Southern California girl who was trying to beat the 'world record' as the youngest to circumnavigate single-handed. Apparently pushed on by her parents and their belief in divine providence, she left at completely the wrong time of year for what she was doing. Ending up in the Southern Ocean in the their winter is just crazy. None - none -  of the round the world races go at this time of year, professional crews or not. I just don't see how anyone could justify sending a 16 year old out into the Southern Ocean in the winter. Of course there will be damage. The whole stunt was ridiculous. I hope she is rescued and no one is injured during the rescue. I hope the Aussies are OK paying for the rescue. I have nothing but disdain for her parents. It is too bad it takes away from what Jessie Watson did on Pink Lady - a young gal who deserves respect for what she accomplished in her circumnavigation at 17.

This is Abby's boat Wild Eyes in the mild of the Indian ocean as viewed from the chartered Qantas  Airlines Airbus that the Australian Maritime Safety Authority chartered to look for her EPIRB signal. Note that the mast is gone.
A rescue boat is still a good 24 hours away. Here's the chartered jet.


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